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Performance Poet & Spoken Word Artist


Ken Beevers has become a highly-respected and much-loved performer at poetry events across Devon in recent years. His eagerly anticipated first collection, AQUAMARINE, is a real treat. A consummate storyteller in his poems, and the short stories that punctuate this volume, Ken enchants us with captivating pieces, in both serious and comic vein. The book brims over with warmth, tenderness and sensitivity. Alongside poignant expressions of loss and charming explorations of love, with wit and gentle humour, Ken enlightens us about the moon, apples, the tourism potential of Kingston upon Hull, the inventor of the goal net and the life-changing consequences of the long, hot summer of 1976 ...
AQUAMARINE Ken Beevers Poetry Island Press
In September 2015 Ian Beech established Poetry Island Press and published his first poetry collection, 'On the Road to Ollantaytambo'.
On the Road to Ollantaytambo  Ian Beech                       Poetry Island Press