Ian Beech Poetry

Performance Poet & Spoken Word Artist


On the Road to Ollantaytambo  Ian Beech                       Poetry Island Press


In September 2015 Ian Beech established Poetry Island Press and published his first poetry collection, 'On the Road to Ollantaytambo'.
The poems in the book, all written specifically for performance, cover a wide range of subject matter, with a mixture of comic and serious themes, many of them autobiographical or exploring the histories and personalities of family members. Some of them touch on the most personal and poignant moments of their lives and his own. Audiences have found some of them immensely moving.
It's not all serious. Ian gets a real buzz from making people laugh and this collection is home to many of his comic poems. Occasionally, he's also prone to a good rant, revealing his political views, when haranguing bankers, politicians and the arms trade, not to mention his pathological aversion to Formula One ...

ISBN 978-0-9933961-0-6  £9.00  +  £1.80 p&p UK   (£5.10 p&p Europe   £6.80 p&p Rest of World)